At Horse Shows: Show care: Priced per horse/per day, includes grooming, feeding, clipping & stall cleaning. Effective the day horses leave for shows through the day that they return.

Ring fee: Priced per day/per horse/rider – this charge applies to horses and riders who are not in our monthly training program. This fee is for coaching an individual horse/rider combination, or for schooling a horse in a non-competitive situation

Showing horses:

Show rides: Priced per class, per horse. Please note: to be eligible, horse must currently be in training for at least one full month.

Show rides not in training: Pricing per class, per horse. In addition to the above riding charge, owners will be assessed 10% of any prize money won in “special” classes including, but not necessarily limited to classics and grand prix.

Hotel/Travel: Divided by the number of horses. This charge includes hotel, transportation, and meals.

Horse related expenses: Divided by number of horses at the show. Includes feed, bedding, tack/grooming stalls, night watch, supplies, and laundry.

Hauling: In addition to above charges EMAIL FOR A QUOTE Every show we will take the number of horses on trailer and split the total bill by amount of horses. if you have two horses you will have to pay for two spots on the trailer.

Braiding: In addition to above charges (SEPERATE CHECK)

Late fees: Accounts past due over 30 days will be charged a late fee of 10% every 30 days

Fees for special trips: When the amount of horses at the show is not sufficient to meet expenses will be charged at expenses plus 10% basis.

As per request of show secretaries: Payment of all entry and stall fees must be paid prior to closing date of entries.

All bills are to be paid by the 10th day of the current month. We deal almost exclusively with jobbers on a cash on delivery basis which makes prompt payment mandatory.

Deposits for shows: A deposit may be required for some shows.

Tipping: Not mandatory however is recommended at an amount per horse/per day.

A correctly completed & signed “Boarding and Training Agreement” must be on file with DKF before any services will be provided.



Adrienne Brown is available to coach at local and rated horse shows.  You are not required to be in a lesson program with Adrienne.  Adrienne's style of coaching is upbeat, honest and encouraging as she believes nothing is gained by screaming at riders before they go in the ring!  

All meals and lodging are to be split between customers.  Mileage will be charged for shows further away.  Check the calendar for shows that Ashley is already planning on attending.  If you have a show in mind that is not on the calendar, feel free to contact Adrienne though to see if that weekend is available for coaching.  Fees include all day coaching and reviewing the day after the classes are over.   These rates include local, schooling and "A" shows.  Students in a regular lesson program at DKF contact us for rates.