Dogwood Knoll Farm strives to meet the needs of each client. Some of the key elements to our training program include:
Adrienne Has derived a program using many techniques common with other programs to bring out the best in your equine and its individualized needs. We believe if you work on the inside of their heads instead of the outside and communicate with them in their own language, you get much better results.

Tried everything else? everyone says he's no good? -  we won't - Adrienne will help you work through the problems you face and help you work with your horse in harmony, in confidence, with his respect and with the two of you as a team. 

Dealing with problems can be a nightmare - they won’t load, they bite us over the stable door, they tank off down the road when we try to lead them anywhere, they won’t stand still for mounting, we get to the gate and they refuse to go any further, jumped fine but now they're starting to stop at fences, the list really is simply endless.
Often horses behave in a way we cannot understand, we work in a way that THEY can, without force or violence in any way,  building from a good, solid foundation, horses learn to work with us, they become willing students and training becomes easier, less stressful (for all) and you become a team.

The main specialty of this yard is problem horse training; this involves retraining a whole range of problem horses. From unadulterated aggression to pure panic. Knapping, rearing, bucking and generally backward thinking to the opposite - running away, panicking or bolting.

Problem horses come from the physically damaged to the mentally scarred. Un-handle-able on the ground or unsafe to ride.

We also deal with retraining horses after road traffic accidents, and rehabilitating those who have suffered from injury and have remembered pain issues.

Our problem horses come from all over the country and invariably fall into one of the three following categories:

They are in pain.
They have known pain.
They expect pain.